Sunday, December 22, 2013

Greetings from the potter!

Hi everyone!

I'm Carter, the friend and potter who was asked to make these lovely dishes for Johanna and Ryan to enjoy in their home together. I am incredibly honored to be asked to do this! They have already made a place for many of my pots in their lives, and I can't imagine a better fate for my pottery than to be loved on and eaten from by them. I also appreciate their efforts to support local artists, and I'm grateful that they both find such value in the work that I do. Thank YOU for helping them do these things.

The way this registry works is as follows:

You can purchase these pots from the registry by claiming them in the comments section below each post. The first comment expressing this intention is awarded the sale. I will mark the item as "sale pending" as soon as I see your comment. It will then be marked as "sold" upon receipt of payment. Checks can be made out to "Carter Gillies" and mailed to me at 572 Nantahala ave, Athens GA 30601. Other payment preferences can be worked out at your convenience [contact me at cartergillies(at)hotmail(dot)com]. All items will be picked up by Johanna and Ryan personally, so there will be no shipping involved.

(A quick update: Some folks are having difficulty with the comments. Please feel free to contact me directly at the email listed above. This may even be preferable so that I will have a way of getting back in touch with you. Sorry if things are a bit complicated!)

Thanks for helping them get this pottery for their wedding!



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